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3 Biggest Mistakes When Selling a Home

There are common mistakes that sellers make when planning to sell their home.  Here are 3 big mistakes you need to avoid so you can achieve the maximum sale price.

1. Overcapitalising when preparing for a sale

Consider all possibilities for preparing your property for sale on a low budget. Do not overcapitalise as it will make a dent on your sale price. Some people go out and decide to build huge expensive kitchen in a small home when all it needed was a fresh coat of paint, new bench top, updated appliances, cupboards repainted and new handles. Everyone has different tastes. The buyer may not like the style you like. Some buyers may prefer to renovate to the style they prefer.

Your entrance is the first thing people see.  Make sure sure to make a great first impression so buyers are excited about coming in to take a closer look.  Remember the demographics. When renovating always keep it neutral to appeal to many buyers. A cosmetic renovation maybe all you need. A fresh coat of paint in white or off white throughout the home to create flow and space. Add fresh green plants, rugs under lounge or dining table to add colour. If you have a dead space, an office nook can give the perception of having another zone in the house. Clean your tiles and grouting in the bathroom.  Freshly laid mulch around your gardens and landscaping can improve your presentation.  Have neat clean garden beds, lawns mowed and any leaves racked up.  Clean out gutters, clean spider webs and power wash mould off driveways or concrete pathways.

2. Not staging the property

When done properly, staging is what sells the property. It creates the WOW factor. Buyers imagine themselves living in your home when it is staged professionally. Think of what the woman wants as she will be the end buyer. Choose the style that appeals to many ranges and demographics. Keep it subtle, not bold or loud. Plants throughout the house are soothing and creates great energy. Add mirrors as they reflect light and view and can give the illusion of space. Create a peaceful, calming and warm environment. Staging can create emotion and may help you sell your property faster and achieve a higher sale price.  Property styling is all about spending time organising, tidying, decluttering and decorating your property to make it look fantastic for inspections.

3. Too much personalisation

Keep it simple and declutter. Remove personal items. People full in love with the space not with personal possessions. Declutter the kitchen, clear bench tops and expose as much bench space as possible to create space. A sense of calm invites you in when a home is presented well. Make sure your home smells fresh and clean, not old, damp and untidy. Replace old carpets or steam clean to give it a new clean look. Start researching your area and attend open home inspections to see what is on offer. Be realistic with pricing your home for sale. Make selling your home a positive experience.

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    7 key steps to selling a property

    Guiding you through the sales process

    1Get in touch

    We discuss your property and your sale expectations and goals.

    2Property Appraisal

    Have your property appraised and receive your property estimated market value and property report.

    3Prepare Property

    Method of sale is chosen and property is prepared for sale. We will advise on how best to showcase your property.

    4Market Property

    Advertise and market your property in the optimum way to attract the most suitable buyers.

    5Offers or Auction

    Receive and review offers or take property to auction.

    6Legal Contract

    Engage a lawyer or conveyancer to draw up a contract.


    Contract is signed and a deposit is paid by the prospective buyer.


    The property settles and we all celebrate!

     oKnowing your Property

    Your Property Appraisal

    Your first step when considering selling is to have your property appraised. This is an easy and informal process and takes about an hour. You will receive your property’s estimated market value and a comprehensive market report.

    Our Property Appraisal report includes:

    • Local market data
    • Wider market trends
    • Similar properties sold in the last 90 days
    • Properties currently on the market

    We include your property the features of your individual property as follows:

    • Location
    • Size of the property
    • Number of bedrooms/bathrooms
    • Design and quality of the building
    • Appearance of the property
    • Renovations and structural condition of the property
    • Areas for improvement
    • Local zoning restrictions
    • It’s uniqueness and what makes it desirable

    We will summarise our findings and provide you with your comprehensive property report along with an estimated value of your property.

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